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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More news from Tucson

As Terrie wrote in her blog yesterday, we are taking part in an incredible five-day immersion class taught by the brilliant Hildy Gottlieb and Dimitri Petropolis of the Community Driven Institute. Today was day three. Each day is building so naturally upon the one before, it is easy to lose track of the huge amount of information we are packing into our little brains. Until, that is, we take a few minutes to reflect at the end of the day about what has stood out for us. Then, we begin to understand the depth of the concepts we are processing and the changes we are seeing in ourselves.

Today, we took the vision and values exercises we did yesterday and applied them. We learned how to better help organizations use these vision/value discussions to anchor them as they move toward creating their best potential, their dream community. Among the many things I learned today is the "means" to better guide these discussions to the highest "ends," and in so doing to always Trust the Process, and Trust the [people in the] Room.

It continues to astound all of us how Hildy has distilled a lifetime of work into this amazing Community Driven Institute. This immersion course is taking us as consultants to the next level so we can better do our part to create the healthy, compassionate, vibrant world we seek. I for one am thrilled to be on the journey and can't wait to see what I will be packing into my head tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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